Check Out These Haunted Places in Arlington for the Spookiest Halloween Ever

Sure, Halloween is about dressing up, decorating the house, and handing out candy. But, it’s also the perfect time of year to get in touch with the spookier side of life. This year, Hiley Volkswagen of Arlington picked out the scariest haunted places in Arlington; visit one if you dare.


Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park

According to legend, what is now referred to as Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park was once the site of a horrific car accident. A car full of young drivers struck another vehicle approaching the bridge, then burst into flame and crashed into the river. The road and the bridge (long since closed) can now be accessed on foot—some say you can see the names of those who died glowing in the river as well as mysterious lights illuminating the bridge at night.

Arlington Music Hall

According to owner Jean Collins herself, the Arlington Music Hall is haunted by a mischievous ghost dubbed “Fred.” Collins and other Music Hall employees adamantly claim that they occasionally hear the invisible man moving around onstage and have witnessed lights being turned on and off.

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas

Workers and guests alike have claimed to witness the antics of a ghost called Annie who purportedly resides at the amusement park. She is said to be the phantom of a young girl who died in the early 1900s around the Johnson Creek area. If you’re particularly brave, look for Annie at Six Flags Over Texas’ annual Fright Fest this year.

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