Volkswagen Tarok Pickup Truck Appears in New York

Volkswagen Tarok Coming Soon

Industry experts are starting to think Volkswagen is up to something. Last year, the Atlas Tanoak concept truck showed up at U.S. auto shows. This year, the Volkswagen Tarok pickup truck appeared at both the Sao Paolo and New York auto shows. It seems like Volkswagen is teasing American consumers with the promise of a truck entry in the brand’s U.S. model lineup.

If the VW Tarok launched stateside, it would be the smallest pickup truck on the market; even the Toyota Tacoma is 20 inches longer than the Tarok. But with consumers flocking to compact vehicles and midsize pickup trucks, claiming first dibs on a new, niche segment could be exactly what the Volkswagen Tarok — which shares its MQB platform with other VW cars like the Golf and Jetta — needs.

Volkswagen also prioritized versatility and space in the Tarok, making it functional and capable despite its small size. A back panel in the cabin allows the truck bed to extend inside of the cab to provide additional cargo space, and the 9.6 inches of ground clearance and AWD system make it a great pick for off-road enthusiasts. There’s no set date for the Volkswagen Tarok pickup truck to come to market yet, but VW representatives are currently testing the waters to see how the public will react to a new type of truck.

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