Ways to Keep Kids Distracted During Long Drives

Sometimes, long car trips aren’t frustrating because of the driving time, but because your kids have trouble keeping themselves entertained. Whether you’re traveling to visit family or for a fun weekend trip, here are some ways to keep kids distracted during long drives.

  • Make an activity binder: For each of your children, make them a fun activity binder with some of their favorite things, like coloring sheets of their favorite characters. You can also put in some word search puzzles, mazes, or a car bingo sheet where they cross off things they see while on the road. Include a pencil pouch in the binder to store their markers and other supplies.
  • For older kids, try a book on tape: Giving your kids something to focus on besides the time passing is key. Try out a classic children’s book on tape that everyone can enjoy.
  • Have a toy countdown: Pack some of your children’s toys and reveal a new one each hour. Alternatively, you can schedule an activity they have to complete each hour (like a word search) before you reveal the next one. At the end of the countdown – which will occur just before you arrive – have a surprise treat for them for completing all the challenges.

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